neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

later Monday

S. called, and we talked relationship things.  He went there.  I was like, "I've read about that in books."  I went there in return, to my limited having been there.  I'm not sure if me saying, "I've read about that" was helpful.  At least I wasn't shocked.  We talked about emotional components to relationships as well.  I'm not going to get specific about where he went, because there's a chance he might read this.  Let's just say it was mild to moderate compared to some of the gay erotica stories I've read.

The emotional things going on seemed to be of much more importance.  I am no relationship expert, but I listened and gave my opinion on the situations as seemed appropriate.  S. said he had various people he could talk to, which was good.  I asked what the ones he'd talked to thought.  There seemed to be some agreement.

I was touched that S. trusted me enough to talk in detail to me about a relationship.  He's my secret love child, but there were many things in that conversation he wouldn't/couldn't tell his real mother.  S. knows that I wouldn't tell anyone -- well, except for in very vague and general terms here.

(Added: Also, getting specific wouldn't be right, in addition to the slight chance that S. would read this.)
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