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another family roadtrip

It was quite a busy Wednesday.  We went up to the northwest corner of New Jersey to visit my grandmother.  It's a long drive, but I still wish we could see her more often.  Dad was along to navigate, so Mom and I didn't end up in Bloomsburg on the trip home this time.  Nothing against Bloomsburg, but it really was nowhere near where we were trying to get to.  But it was nice to see Grandma S.  She's moved to assisted living now, so there's less she needs to do than when she was in an independent-living apartment.  She doesn't have a sunroom in this new apartment, but she still gets the afternoon sun from some good-sized windows with wide windowsills for her plants, and room to hang up her suncatchers.  She's already got one of the glass prisms that send little rainbows across the room up.  Grandma had been talking about moving to assisted living for a while and was really ready for the move.  She needs more care at this point -- she'll be eighty-nine in a couple of months.  She raised four children and was a substitute kindergarten teacher and a seamstress.  I think she enjoyed retirement, but she does have a lot of physical problems now.  It's been a relief to us that she's in a nice place where the nurses and other staff are very attentive and caring.

She had a jigsaw puzzle out.  It was a map of the town that she and Papa C. lived in for probably close to forty years.  Dad grew up there, so he knew all the street names and everything.  He and I worked together on the puzzle for a while.  Grandma was urging us to finish it.  We had a nice visit, but had to get back on the roadtrip by late afternoon, as Dad had gotten tickets for a minor league baseball game.

We drove back across the Delaware Water Gap -- it's very scenic around there.  I drove that stretch back, and we switched over in the Allentown area so Dad could drive to the stadium.  The point at which we switched over turned out to be five minutes from the stadium, but the traffic had been getting heavy by then.  We went to go see the Allentown Iron Pigs play.  I don't know who came up with that name.  Apparently it's the name for iron at some point in the smelting process (?)  They had a couple of people in dusky-gray pig suits as mascots.  It was a little surreal.  Another surreal bit was having the fans chanting "Go, Pigs, Go!"  But the team is a Triple A team for the Phillies, and it was a really nice night for a game.  I got funnel cake, and managed to dust my clothes with powdered sugar.  Mom came up to me when I'd just gotten it, with a ballpark hot dog in her hand, asking, "Aren't you going to get anything nutritious to eat?"  She was oblivious to the irony, but I appreciated it.  I got a "dinner" of pierogies and cheese fries before my "dessert."  Before I'd even eaten my pierogies, Mom was asking for funnel cake.  She got a little less than half of it, I think, but only because I eat faster than she does.  She and Dad had a good number of the cheese fries, too.  Dad got a soft pretzel later on, and we shared that.  And people wonder why Philadelphia has the highest percentage of fat people in the nation's cities.  Anyway... We left at the end of the seventh inning or so, when the Iron Pigs were winning 12-0 over the Triple A team for the Red Sox.  I had wanted to see the whole thing, but Mom was getting tired.  She drove the whole way up to northwest New Jersey, so that was understandable.  We got the game on the radio on the way home, and the Iron Pigs did win it.  So it was a long day, but pleasant.
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