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Sunday day

Surprisingly enough, since I couldn't get to sleep until four, I woke at eleven.  I woke because I was very cold, despite having a blanket and comforter.  I think it was colder in the house than outside it.  It was cloudy today, but in the sixties.  On the general principle of getting out of the house, I went with Mom to department stores so she could look for flannel nightgowns.

We tried Sears, which mostly had pyjama sets.  There were a few styles of flannel nightgown, but they would have been floor length on Mom.  We tried Boscov's, which is a department store in the tri-state area.  They mostly had polyester and poly-cotton blends.  There were a couple of types of flannel nightgowns, but again they were too long for Mom.  She looked at some of the poly-cotton blend nightgowns.  I thought $40 for a nightgown seemed rather expensive.  Perhaps I still have the prices of years ago stuck in my head, but I can remember getting nightgowns cheaper than that.

I didn't need nightgowns for the winter, as I have six or seven flannel nightgowns.  I'll have to remember to shop for summer nightgowns in the spring, as I've had some of them for a while.  I paused for a bit to look at gloves.  I'm a big fan of black leather gloves.  However, it was around eighty degrees (Fahrenheit) in Boscov's, and we were getting anxious to get somewhere we could cool off.  I guess I'm terribly picky.  I don't like it when it's sixty-something degrees in the house, and I don't like it when it's eighty-something degrees in a store.  Well, I was wearing jeans and a hoodie when we were in the store.

I talked to J. for a while.  He (and K.?) had gone to a wedding of one of his friends in [town in drivable distance, about an hour away] yesterday.  Today he'd met an aspiring writer who worked at a gaming store.  He told the writer, K., that he should talk to me and I could tell him a little about e-publishing.

I watered the jasmines.  I have to remember to water the jasmines frequently, because some of their leaves were getting crispy.  The jasmine humile 'Revolutum' had an earthworm on the surface of the soil in the pot before I watered it.  I know I'd sprayed the leaves with rose and flower insect spray, but I guess the earthworms weren't harmed.  I left the earthworm in the pot.  Mom would have a fit if she knew, but they're good for the soil.  It was only a couple of inches long, anyway.

I've been talking to J. from AfterElton about various things.  She has a Sony 500 e-reader and is thinking about getting a new one.  J. says that sometimes she needs to push the buttons on it two or three times to get the page to turn.  I think that model was made in 2006 and was one of the first e-readers available in the United States, if I remember right from the reviews on the tech websites.  Anyway, it's given her years of service.  She was thinking of getting the basic Kindle, the Kindle 4 with the d-pad.  I explained you could get it with ads or without ads.  With ads, it's $79.

J. is thinking of getting another kind of e-reader, as well, when the Sony finally gives it up altogether.  I had lots of suggestions.  She'd paid $300 for hers back in the day, I think she said.  J. seemed to think it would be reasonable enough to get two if they were each half that price or less.  She said her husband was desperate for Christmas gift ideas for her.  I'm sure many people will be getting Kindles for Christmas.

I said she should look at the Kindles in a store.  I think that's the only brand of e-reader Staples carries.  I'd seen them in Best Buy and Wal-Mart as well, I told her.  J. liked the idea.  I think it's better to see something in person rather than just online, if possible.  For me, it helps with the decision-making process.  I know Mom would rather see items she's thinking of buying in real life.  Well, books have become different for me with that, but I'd still rather see clothes and physical objects aside from books in person.

Later: Aunt P.S. sent another e-mail to say that Grandma S. was "more chipper" and in good spirits.  The workers at her retirement home are taking good care of her as she needs more help.  Both of those things were a relief to hear.  I still want to go visit her *soon.*
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