neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

later Saturday

Aunt P.S. e-mailed Dad to say that Grandma S. was getting very feeble.  I've seen what she described before, having worked as a nursing aide for nine years, off and on.  It's heartbreaking to think of it happening to Grandma S.  I"m sad I didn't go along when Mom and Dad visited her a couple of months ago, but I'd gotten no sleep the night before, felt extremely disoriented, and had a very bad headache.  I didn't feel I'd be able to interact much, and couldn't face the thought of six hours in the car with Mom and Dad.

I'd thought Grandma S. was still in fairly good shape, Aunt P.'s previous e-mails being relatively positive.  It's so upsetting to hear otherwise.  I expect Aunt P. e-mailed J. as well.  Mom and Dad and I are planning to go up to be with Grandma S. for Christmas.  I hope J. and K. and I will be able to go up before then.  I'll talk to J.
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