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traveling some on Saturday

Well, it was roughly an hour each way, so not that much travel.  P. wanted to go visit her brother, who lives in Chester, Pennsylvania.  She was working at the grocery store, and I was going to the grocery store anyway, so I picked her up at the end of her shift.  A grocery store the Saturday before Thanksgiving is busy.  I'm sure it wasn't just that particular one.  We stopped at the house so I could put my purchases in the refrigerator, then at her apartment in [borough] so she could change clothes.  Then we were off.  I went what was kind of a back way, and dropped her off in the "better" part of Chester.  No, there really is a better part of Chester.

For those of my readers who don't live in the Philadelphia area, Chester is a poverty-stricken and crime-ridden city.  According to my shaky view of geography, it's between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware.  At any rate, you can get to those cities quickly enough from there.  P. was going to walk downtown from where I'd dropped her off, and get a bus.  She seemed to know where she was going, so hopefully she'll be all right.  I think she grew up in Chester.  She has a number of relatives living there, anyway.

I made a few little circles around from when I'd dropped P. off -- it had been a while since I'd been in that section of Chester.  Fortunately, I didn't end up downtown, but found the road I'd come in on again and headed back to the suburbs.  At least I didn't end up on 95 South driving over Wilmington.  Actually, I know places I could have turned around before getting to Wilmington.  I've taken 95 to Baltimore, though I prefer going on back roads as much as possible to get there, too.  There's only so much back road you can go on for it to be practical going to Baltimore.  Eventually you pretty much have to go on 95.

So I got out of the house in a big way today.  It was nice talking to P. during the drive.
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