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Thursday so far

I tried to go to bed somewhat earlier than I had been.  I finished reading Clay's Challenge, which was decent.  It was a novella I was partway through, so it didn't take long.  I slept for two or three hours and woke at six for no apparent reason.  I had toast and went back to sleep for several more hours.

I went to the secondhand bookstore and straightened out the romance shelves, and filled in gaps.  The category romance cart had a row of books, then part of a second row in front, and looked totally messy, not to mention making it hard to find anything.  I talked to V. later, and she said she put all the romances donated today out, because a lady comes every other weekend and gets a lot.  I said that how I had done it for a couple of years was to just have one row on each shelf of the cart.  After all, if someone buys a lot, the spaces can get filled in.  Well, at least I got there today, and saw people.  B. was there, and S.G.

AfterElton has transitioned from one level of whatever computer system they were using to a more advanced level.  Many people's avatars have disappeared.  They started a thumbs up, thumbs down system rather than the star system of ratings they'd had.  So far with comments of mine that no one had voted on, it's showing 50% liked the comment and 50% didn't like it.  Obviously there are still some bugs in the system.  I think thumbs up, thumbs down is just going to be worse.  Just as easy to express disapproval, still no need to explain why.  I didn't use the star system at all.  I don't know if I'll use this one, even when they do get it working.

At least I got out and did something.  I have editing to finish up, but it was a very good book to start with, and I already did a thorough read-through.

Later: S. had called while I was at the bookstore, and I saw the missed call a few minutes later.  I called back and left a message, and he later left a text message.  He finally tagged me in our game of phone tag around 7:30, and we talked for a while.

I told him about how I've been up all night and sleeping all day again, and how I'm supposed to be exercising five times a week, half an hour a day, which hasn't happened yet.  He suggested Planet Fitness in [semi-local town].  I'll have to talk to S.M. and see which one she uses.  I think she goes to one halfway down the Main Line, though, so that wouldn't be all that convenient for me.

His life remains busy, what with school, his on-campus job, and M.  I explained more fully my idea of having some of the alums pick up with the GLBT organization history project that H. and I had been doing.  He seemed okay with the idea.  I told him to talk with his fellow officers in the organization.  After he does that, I'll talk to the alums.
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