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thinking over TV again

The first thing I did today was read the Glee recap on AfterElton.  The recapper, Christie Keith, was furious with Finn for outing Santana.  I put, far down in the comments, that I agreed it was wrong of Finn.  I didn't think Santana's horrible bullying was right either.  Both characters went low, though I thought the outing was worse.  Christie is borrowed from AfterEllen, so it's the same recap there.  The lesbians (and allies, presumably) seemed in general angrier with Finn than the commenters on AfterElton, though I didn't see people on either site condoning what Finn did.

It seems that on other, more "mainstream" sites, there's are strong threads here and there of "Santana deserved it."  As mean as she was being, I don't think she deserved it.  At the end of the show, she confronted Finn and he said the whole school knew anyway.  He still had no right to say "Why don't you just come out of the closet?" in a hallway with other students around.

I really hope they follow up with this in upcoming episodes.  I'd like to see Kurt (or Kurt and Blaine, or Burt, or Will) confronting Finn about why outing someone is wrong.  They all seemed to understand.
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