neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Tuesday so far

Once again I went to bed late and slept late.  This time it was because I was reading Wight Mischief.  I thought it was good.  I liked Will very much.  People often assumed he was dumb because he was deaf in one ear, and didn't always hear what they were saying.  He was actually somewhat above average in intelligence.

Marcus, the other protagonist, lacked people skills and said some cruel things to Will.  I didn't entirely get past a couple of his comments.  The reader was shown many reasons to sympathize with him, and I did to some extent, but he didn't have to say things like that.  (*spoiler for a comment*)  Marcus called Will "retarded."  Could not get past that.  Just couldn't.

You could understand why Marcus didn't have people skills, and why he had issues.  It was a well-written book.  So one protagonist, Will, was a quite sympathetic one, and Marcus was less so, to me.  I thought it was definitely worth reading.

I ran an errand today and am looking forward to watching tonight's episode of Glee.  I think anything after "The First Time" will be anti-climatic.  However, it looks like, from previews and spoilers, some interesting things go on.
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