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busy Monday

A. and I went on small adventures to local towns.  We went to Michaels (craft and hobby store) so I could look for spacer beads to fix my aunt's earrings.  She'd lost one and the hook had come off the other one.  I'd made them for her two Christmases ago, and she asked me to fix them this past Christmas.  It was just the first time I'd gotten all my jewelry-making stuff out since last Christmas.  I knew the beads I was looking for were sterling silver because they were tarnished.  I found a string of good-sized amethyst beads at Michaels, and got them.  I didn't find the right size spacer beads at Michaels, so A. and I went to Jo-Ann's Fabric and Crafts, which has a really nice and fairly large selection of jewelry-making beads and clasps and so on.  They had the right size spacer beads.  We stopped at Home Depot, too, and I picked up some metal tarnish remover.  It's not just silver polish -- it's something with acid in it.  That cleaned the tarnish off the beads right away.  I managed not to get it on my skin -- read the directions first and wore gloves.  Then I fixed the one earring and made another.  I'd had more of the black glass beads and onyx beads I'd used the first time around.  I'm trying to think of an earring design that would use the amethyst beads.  I have little amethyst beads, too, and glass beads in various shades of purple and lavender.

Went to the bookstore after that for a meeting planning the next few months and discussing various projects around the bookstore that need attention.  E. and I stayed a little later to pick out books for a sale. 
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