neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

another visit to Longwood Gardens

At Longwood Gardens: Waterlilies, lotus and cannas in bloom.  Nectarines in the Fruit House smelled really good.  Southernwood in the Silver Garden nicely aromatic as well.

At home: Tiger lily starting to bloom.  Elecampane blooming.  Lemon verbena has tripled in size.  Still some bloom on the cardinal flower, some of the bee balm still flowering.  Caladiums doing really well -- almost all of them came up from the rhizomes.  Fuchia starting to bloom again.  Mystery pink rose has a blossom.  'La Reine' in bud.  Parsley went to seed.  Spearmint, pineapple mint and ginger mint all doing well.  Apple mint in flower.  'Hyperion' daylily blooming.  Nasturtiums still in flower.  Only one four o'clock seedling came up -- it has leaves, but no flowers yet.

Tags: flowers, gardening

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