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quiet Saturday so far

I tried to watch the Glee episode "Asian F" online last night, and it stalled out around three-quarters of the way through.  I so wish I'd remembered to tape it.  Well, I'll try again to watch it soon.

There's a new forum on AE by a teenaged boy who says he cried upon seeing Dave Karofsky in a gay bar in the Glee episode "The First Time."  The poster said he wanted for Dave to come out and be happy.  Some agreed with him, and others of us felt differently.  (Edited: Not that we didn't want him to be happy.  We just felt that the gay bar wasn't a terrible place.)  The other views were mostly from those of us who are old enough to go to bars.  For my college friends, the bars were a place they could relax and be themselves.

Dave and Kurt met on level ground there at the gay bar, I said.  Dave was self-identifying enough to go to a gay bar, and said people thought of him as a bear cub.  I could see it.  So he was getting out and meeting people, and finding a place in gay culture.  I thought there was a lot of hope there for him.  Sure, he wasn't out yet at his new school, and didn't plan to be, but he was out to himself and other gay people.  Those were big steps, I thought.

And yes, I'm continuing to read various posts on the latest tempest in the m/m community.  I decided to look at the positive aspects of it, that a lot of people are getting a thorough education on trans issues and terminology.  Kris linked to a post about intersex people by Rowan McBride.  I just saw that Rowan is "gender fluid" -- hir preferred term -- in another post.  Ze writes good male viewpoint.  That's one of the major things that determine for me whether a m/m romance works for me.

There was a spate of books by and about transmen put out a few years ago.  At one point I think I had all that had been published around then.  I gave some to the university GLBT organization.  There are a few transmen in the group.  I specifically gave one of the books to L., who had been L. (female name) and a lesbian when I met him.

I believe I started by reading a book by Patrick Califia.  Early on in my reading, I read Becoming a Visible Man by Jamison Green.  I read The Phallus Palace by Dean Kotula, which had essays by transmen, and little biographies, and pictures of surgeries.  Both are excellent books.  I got what I think is the first modern account by a transman about his life, Mario Martino and harriet's book Emergence.  There are a fair number of other books out there.  I wish I could remember more names and titles.

I have most or all of the books I got about intersex, because the GLBT organization hasn't added an I yet, though they've discussed it.  The first I read was Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex, which looked at historical cases of intersexed people.  Alice Domurat Dreger also wrote Intersex in the Age of Ethics.  Others I've read are Fixing Sex by Katrina Karkazis, Intersex and Identity: The Contested Self by Sharon Preves, Lessons from the Intersexed by Suzanne Kessler, and Intersex by Catherine Harper.  I read one that was originally published many decades ago, Memoirs of a Man's Maiden Years, by N.O. Body.  That was kind of hard to get into, but fascinating historically.  Some of the books were more dry than others, but I really enjoy Alice Domurat Dreger's writing.

Sometimes I feel like I'm kind of odd to collect books on topics that don't apply to me, but I feel like I've learned a lot.

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