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Applebee's has a free dinner for veterans on Veterans' Day, so we went there.  We debated stopping at the AT&T store to see if I could get a cheaper data plan, but there were a number of people there.  I don't know why it was busy on a Friday night, but it was.  Mom decided to go to a grocery store.  I stayed in the car while she and Dad got lots of bottles of soda.

I called J. while I waited, and then read more of Nine-Tenths of the Law.  The LED light of my phone screen provided light enough to read on it at night, which was good to know.  I'd brought my small e-reader with me to Applebee's to read while we waited, and re-read part of One Shot.  If I'm somewhere I know I'm going to get interrupted, I prefer to re-read a book rather than read something new.

Soul Familiar 1: Lucky Dog is the one-cent sale book of the week at Changeling Press, and I told my AE m/m romance reading friends about it.  I thought the Soul Familiar series was a cute one.  I was sorry that I'd missed seeing a few weeks ago that Lena Austin's Bad Dawg was the one-cent sale book, as I thought that one was very cute.  I did see the week after that when Space Opera was the book.  That was an odd futuristic/Shunga/mpreg story, but interesting.  Flash has a lot of imagination.  I wonder if there's ever going to be a Space Opera 3.
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