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Thursday so far

I had another appointment, and made it to that.

I woke at eight a.m. for no apparent reason, and read various things on the Internet.

I watched season three episodes of Glee again.  Kurt is really treated badly in episode two, which I think is called "I Am Unicorn."  There's a discussion between the directors of the musical about whether Kurt could pass as straight for a role, with them deciding no.  Kurt was eavesdropping on that one.  Kurt then initiated a discussion with Burt about it.  Burt didn't think his son could pass for straight either.  That's how it was phrased in the episode, as "passing."  It's a term I personally think is a reasonable one to use.

Kurt got at least the great majority of all that bullying because he couldn't pass.  It wasn't like he was trying to start fights or anything, just being his cygnet self.  In "I Am Unicorn," the directors and Rachel laughed Kurt off the stage when he tried to play Romeo.  That's what I thought was cruel.  Burt really didn't say what he did to be cruel.  I'm sure he thought of it as just being realistic.

When I got back from my appointment, I read more Internet discussion.  There's some transphobia in what I'm reading, but mostly it's just focused on discussing what a particular person did.  I have a sad tendency to be fascinated by trainwrecks like this.  Various people are speaking up to explain trans issues and correct terminology, and that's great.  Whatever the gender of the person, though, things you say on the Internet are out there.  It's a sobering thought for me, though I think of myself as making an effort to be careful here.

Though I usually use gender-specific pronouns, and I know it's generally okay to ask what someone prefers, I may use "ze," "hir," and "hirself" on occasion.  That may seem arbitrary because I don't do it as a general rule.  It will probably be because I don't know or the person hirself has asked for gender-neutral pronouns. 

I will give opinions here and there, but it's just my own opinion.
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