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Tuesday so far

I talked to A. from Green Bay for a couple of hours last night, and our conversation ranged over all kinds of topics, with some about phones and computers, a couple of areas of expertise for him.  He explained about hard drives, which was informative, and some about cell phones.  Otherwise, we talked about Glee and various other things on AE, and about day-to-day life.

It was nice out today.  I made it to an appointment somewhere I hadn't been before, but I did Mapquest and Google Maps, and eventually figured it out.  I'd allowed half an hour to get there, and made it on time.

I did a Glee marathon for much of the day.  I'm partway into season two now, though I've watched some later episodes out of order -- "Original Song," "Prom Queen," "Funeral," and "Born This Way."  As cut down as the "Rocky Horror Glee Show" was, it still managed to be daring for high school.  There's a lot of that movie that isn't suitable for tweens to watch, and that was all cut.  The few numbers left were relatively mild.  They never really explained Kurt's refusal to play Frankenfurter, but he adamantly didn't want to do it.

It's cool to watch how Finn and Kurt eventually do develop a brotherly relationship.  Finn first found a father figure in Will, and then he found one in Burt.  Burt struggles sometimes with things with Kurt, cygnet that Kurt is, but he's always loving and does his best with Kurt.  Although it must be much easier for Burt to understand Finn, Kurt is his son, and he clearly feels that Kurt is worth any effort. 
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