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Saturday so far

Not too much of it yet for me.  I ran an errand.  Mom and Dad went off to an L.L. Bean outlet that had recently opened in drivable enough distance.  I had said I'd go with if Dad promised not to whistle.  He says it's entirely unconscious.  It's usually "Eleanor Rigby," which has put me off the song.  I don't see how you can be completely unaware that you're whistling.  Anyway, they went there while I was off on my errand.  They had a very hard time finding parking, so they said.  It was a pretty quick trip of theirs, considering the drive.

AfterElton continues to have many articles on Glee.  Several of the people I'm buddies with are fans of the show as well.  I'm commenting here and there on the articles.  I don't think Chris Colfer gets that much credit as an actor from the general public.  Chris and Kurt seem to get very conflated in some people's minds.  I think it's relatively common that a gay actor doesn't get the credit for playing gay.  It's not like the real life person and the character are the same thing.

I may talk to A. from Green Bay later.  He has computers to fix.

I called E.M. to ask her if she wanted to come over so we could figure out how to work her iPad.  She doesn't know how to do it well enough to look up books, and I can probably figure that out for her.  She's at the store so often, it would really be of benefit if she could look up books for people.  So often they just know the title, and not the author.  We planned for Sunday afternoon.  Plus, as I'm sure I posted, I've been wanting to look at an iPad and see if I could figure out how to work it.  I still don't think I want one of my own, but we'll see if I belatedly jump on that bandwagon once I've had the chance to play with one.

I have e-readers and I have a smartphone now -- though it seems generally to outsmart me.  If I got anything, it would be a laptop.  You'd think I'd be used to it as much as I sit at the desktop, but I do get tired of sitting.  Dad's netbook is overbalanced by the weight of its own battery, so it falls over very easily.  I'd like something that was more balanced, so I'd probably want something bigger.  I wouldn't mind one that weighed a few pounds, as long as I could carry it.  Ten pounds wouldn't be bad for me for short distances.

I called S. to see if maybe the alums could follow up on the parts of the GLBT organization history project that H. and I didn't finish.  I haven't talked to any of the alums yet.  I figured I should talk to S. first.  He texted back to say that he was at a conference and would call me tonight.  We'll see.

So at least I'm talking to people.  And I'll get a chance to look at an iPad.

Later: Talked to S., who has a busy life.  Some of the conference topics were interesting, he said.  A couple of panels on religion and one about students in the midst of the coming out process.  I'm just noting this for myself so I remember.  I have several books on religion and homosexuality, some on Judaism and homosexuality, because I collect books on all kinds of topics.  Apparently I did my share of collecting, because I have Found Tribe, Queer Jews, Mensch, and Wrestling With God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition.  S. and I talk about personal life things, too, but he might read this, so I'll refrain from comment about those things.
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