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garden club Thursday

I actually got there on time, to everyone's surprise.  S.M. had given me a wakeup call, but I was still surprised I was able to get up.  She said she'd ironed the tablecloths for our display until 12:30 a.m.  I thought that was insane.  There was a guest judge, who was really very kind to us.  It was quite the learning curve.

Otherwise, the hostess for the month had a Day of the Dead theme for lunch, with skeletons as decorations -- a Grim Reaper with a rainbow robe, skeleton hand lights, and a carved white pumpkin with a skeleton.  I should have taken pictures of that.  She said she got the Grim Reaper in a Mexican store.  It was quite the accessory.

I talked to J.M., the hostess, a bit about her other ideas.  She wants us to get American Elm saplings of cultivars that are resistant to Dutch Elm disease, and grow them for four years, then plant them.  The saplings are technically called whips.  They're just some roots and a stem.  I said the trees I had were crowded very close together.  It's true.  The quince and the American cranberrybush viburnum are fighting it out, as are the butterfly bush, the winterberry and the winter honeysuckle.  If I'd thought the shrubs would survive, let alone get that big, I would have planted them much farther apart.

The business meeting part wasn't that exciting, but otherwise it was a nice meeting.  I got to chat a bit with the German-born ladies, and most of the other members, plus the guest judge.  J.D. ran the business meeting part well, I thought.  She commented on me getting there on time.  I said how I sleep days and am up nights.  I've been doing somewhat better with that.

Well, it was good to see the ladies.
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