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I stayed up until five re-reading the first three books in Jeigh Lynn's Moon series.  I just really got into it.  They're much more typical romances than the With or Without ones, and relatively tame -- your basic erotic romance, with two of the first three female protagonists being virgins at the start of their books, and all of them getting pregnant.  I suppose the wolves hadn't heard of birth control, though two of the male protagonists were doctors.  Only the men are werewolves, though women can carry the gene for it.  Also, in Jeigh Lynn/J.L. Langley's werewolf world, wolves don't get diseases, but they can get women pregnant.  So those first three books were very traditional romances indeed.

On the Jeigh Lynn website, she says she wants to write more straight romances, and promises that someday Marisa, Rand and Rome will have their own story.  I wouldn't mind it, but first I want a bunch more Sci-Regency and With or Without books.

The men came to work on the windows around eight.  I had slept in my clothes.  I had a T-shirt, sweatshirt and sweatpants on.  At Dad's urging, I took my bath around ten-thirty (taking clean clothes into the bathroom to change into), then went to lie down again.  I slept until noon, then had "breakfast."  The men had done the windows downstairs first, and then were working on the window in Mom and Dad's room when I was finally chivvied up for good.  Next time I looked in my room, the place where the window was was an empty hole.

Added: I went up and looked again, and I have a new window.  It's pretty spiffy-looking.  I'm glad to finally have a new one.  The old one hadn't stayed up on its own for years -- I had to prop a piece of wood in it to keep it open -- and the screen was all torn.

Later: I re-read Life, Love and the Moon, much of which is set in the 1970s, and "All Hallow's Moon" from the Howl anthology.  Life, Love and the Moon was much more daring than the other books in the series.  Well, "All Hallow's Moon" moved pretty fast, too.  I've got to figure out a family tree for the Hernandez family and their various relatives and in-laws.
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