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Monday -- Halloween

I didn't do anything this year.  For a few years, when I hung out with Goths, we'd do fun stuff, but I haven't seen that crowd for five years or so -- it involved a lot of traveling to be with them, and I wasn't traveling for a while, among other things.

I was busy with family things today.  Mom somehow managed to break her thumb without noticing.  Well, she noticed it hurt, but she has bad arthritis in it anyway.  She saw her primary care doctor last week, and got X-rays.  The primary care doctor thought it was broken.  I took Mom to the hand specialist today.  He said there were a couple of things going on.  Next we were off to get a splint made for Mom.  She ended up getting two splints, one a hard plastic one and one that's more of a fabric (canvas?) sort of thing.

The lady who made the splints saw a bone chip in the X-ray when she looked, along with the arthritis.  She thought there was tendon stuff going on, too, from the way the joint was clicking.  It's the base of Mom's right thumb, so she's rather limited with what she can do with her hands at this point.  We'll see how it goes for her for work.  Dad and I might end up driving her.  I have a feeling.  She hasn't tried driving with the splints yet.

We got to the hand specialist at one, saw the person who made the splints at two-thirty, and got home at five.

On the plus side, I finished my re-read of With Abandon while I was waiting for Mom.  I was in with her when she saw the doctor, as she wanted me there, but while I was in the waiting rooms I got a lot of reading done.  As I'd remembered, Aubrey was kind of a jerk, but I enjoyed the book.  As I also said, I want Sterling and Rhys' story.

Later: I re-read Without Reservations.  Chay is probably my favorite protagonist in a werewolf story.  I've read a lot of werewolf stories, too.

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