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Sunday so far

Mom wishes me to make earrings for her, as belated birthday presents and as Christmas presents.  I posted in detail about our trip to Lancaster City to a bead shop there.  We looked at those beads, then what I had in the way of the other bits needed for jewelry making.  I had plenty of gold-colored head pins and fish hook loops.  I had gold- and silver-colored spacer beads, plain spherical and fluted spherical.  I did not have silver head pins, except for four-inch ones, and did not have silver fish hooks.

We went to Michael's and got silver fish hooks and two-inch head pins, and it looks like I'll make some earrings this afternoon.

We still have a good bit of snow on the ground, but some around the house was melting, and it wasn't bad temperature-wise -- well above freezing.  I'm trying to decide if it was better for most of the the tender herbs to die immediately rather than waste away in the house.  Perhaps in the long run it will be better for me that just about all the herbs went at once.  I'll remember it as a clean sweep.

A couple of hours later: I made Mom one red-and-silver earring to replace the one she'd lost, and two more pairs as birthday presents.  One pair were dark brown wood beads with gold-colored spacers, and one pair were "Murano"-style blue glass beads with clear spacers.

We put together the designs for three more pairs that will be Christmas presents.  At least she should get her Christmas present earrings on time.

Several hours later: Uly said he'd read "With Love," which I and a few others had recommended on the AE m/m romance forum.  We discussed it a bit in feedback.  I said that some months after I read it, I realized that Laine was an uke.  I'd learned more about that kind of thing by then.  Some of J.L. Langley's books are yaoi-influenced romances.  I gave Uly the link to the TV Tropes definition of uke.

I re-read "With Love" and With Caution.  I've read Without Reservations a number of times, but I don't re-read With Caution as much.  I'll have to figure out when With Abandon comes out in print, if it hasn't already.  I re-read the Fiction With Friction short stories about Rhys and Sterling from the 2008 holiday season.  I think their book is called Without Fear.  I can't wait for that one.  I liked With Abandon, though Aubrey was a jerk sometimes.  I think readers will have waited for Without Fear for longer than it takes Sterling to grow from fifteen to eighteen.  I guess it's sort of fitting, though I wanted that to be the next book after With Caution
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