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Not much of it outside, but I sprayed the Jasmine humile 'Revolutum' with bug spray and brought it in.  I sprayed the scented geraniums as well, but left them out for now.  That jasmine did really well outside.  The Jasmine nitidum has only a few leaves left.  I may just get another in the spring.  The double jasmine ('Grand Duke of Tuscany'?) recovered well outdoors, and has a number of green shoots.  I think part of its trouble was that I didn't water it enough.

I read some.  I read some stories that were Predatrix's recs.  Some of the links were good, and others weren't.  I rather expected that, as it was from the early part of the century.  As well as being quite a good writer herself, she gave some good recommendations.  I found a couple of websites that were still active.  I'll have to see what else I can find.
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