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Cheating Chance is the free book this week at MLR Press.  (  I am pimping it out to those of my friends who read m/m romance, posting, e-mailing them about it, and so on.  I love Nicky, though I had my moments of thinking Brandon was a jerk.  I certainly cared about what was going on with the characters.  I got the Torquere Toy Box anthologies that had Taking the Odds stories in them.  Cheating Chance was one of the earlier m/m romances I read that was in e-book format.  I had gotten some books as trade paperbacks before that.  It's stood up very well now that I've read hundreds and hundreds more m/m romances.  It's still up there among my favorites, and is one of the not-that-many m/m books I got in print after I learned about e-books.  Well, there were even fewer that I wanted in print also after I already had the e-book.  It works out to about two bookshelves on a small bookcase.  Anyway, I'm taking the chance to give it high recommendations among "my people."  I've mentioned it before to all of them, I'm pretty sure.
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