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Saturday so far

Friday night: I started reading J.R. Ward's Covet.  This time instead of vampires, it's fallen angels, though the vampires and their allies make appearances.  Some of it is set at Trez' nightclub, Iron Mask.  It's the one (one of the ones?) the brothers (small "b") built after Rehvenge's club blew up.  The whole angels thing is ridiculous, but I like some of the characters, and I'm really enjoying the cameos from the heroes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.

Today: At least I got out of the house.  We went to a fall fest at the place where there's been a farmers' market on Thursdays.  They were supposed to have vegetables.  We got there around three, and there were no vegetables.  There were a lot of craft fair things, and funnel cake and cider.  We got funnel cake and cider.  I didn't really want to spend much, because I wanted to pay the phone bill.

We went to K-Mart, and Mom tried on shoes, while I tried to look up Mary Balogh on Amazon on my phone.  A 3.5" screen is not the best for looking up books on, although I did get some listings of her books.  Mom was talking about going to the library, though it's crazy there on weekends.  She's reading a series, and wanted the second book.  I found the fifth book, but couldn't figure out what the second book in the series was.  I should have looked on Goodreads, because they have a series feature.  Mom got some turtlenecks, and we abandoned the library idea, as it was getting late.

We finally got to the AT&T store.  That was my priority, because I wanted to pay the rest of the phone bill while I had the cash.  I had paid enough at the beginning of the month to have a credit, but I wanted to get it all paid off.

I had perhaps unwisely said to Mom that after I paid the phone bill, we could go wherever in the shopping district that she wanted to.  Of course, she wanted to go to the grocery store.  It was somewhat aggravating, especially considering that she was riding in a scooter and got several bottles of beverages.  I knew that I'd be carrying whatever we got.

I was glad to get home.

Later: I finished Covet.  It was dark and kept going directions I didn't expect it to.  I guess the Fallen Angel books will be books for me to read in between the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  Once I saw Trez, I expected an appearance from iAm.  There were references to him.  Perhaps the Shadows did build separate nightclubs.
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