neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

watching a controversy

Authors who have e-books are justifiably upset about piracy.  Apparently one author is posting the names and web addresses of people who read pirated copies of her books.  It's definitely stirring up a controversy, complete with swearing at the author.  I thought the swearing was unnecessary.  I can also understand people being upset about having their names out there as reading pirated books, but that is what they did.

It's such a common thing to do that sometimes I feel dumb for paying for all the e-books I get -- all but the ones that are legally free, like promos or out-of-copyright books.  However, I think about the authors.  They've worked hard.  If I really want a friend to read a book, I buy a second copy.  ARe even has a gifting option, which I'd love to see on other sites.  If I have it in paperback, I'll loan it out.  With mainstream romance authors, I can get their books at the library.

I think the author is basically in the right, though I'm not a lawyer or anything.  I think some fans will have a problem with the way she's going about it.  I know that I've paid for the books I've gotten.
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