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Tuesday so far

I ran some errands, then went to Longwood Gardens ( since it was another nice day.  I got a scooter.  I wanted to be sure to see the waterlilies before we got a frost.  I've seen them several times now this year.  I went around on the Flower Garden Walk, and through the rose and herb garden part of the Idea Garden.  I went around the formal rose garden, but there wasn't a lot of bloom.  I did the loop around the conservatories.  More chrysanthemums are appearing in the Main Conservatory, and there were a lot of gardeners at work, inside and outside.

When I got home, I asked Dad about planting those few roses that survived through the summer in their original pots, the ones I got in April.  We put 'Salet' in a big pot where 'Isabella Sprunt' had been.  We'll see what happens.  We put one that had lost its tag in what was the shade garden.  The parental units had a couple of trees removed from there, so it's not as shady as it was.  We put 'Mr. Lincoln' by the chives in the vegetable garden area.  We planted 'General Jacqueminot' in the side yard where another rose had been.  So there are a couple of roses that might get rose replant sickness, but maybe they have a chance to get through the winter.  Mid-October is very late to plant roses in this climate.

Most of the tea roses I got, I planted in very big pots, the kind that hold eighty pounds of soil.  I don't know if they'll survive the winter, particularly in pots, but I suppose it will depend on how mild the winter is.

So I got some errands done that I wanted to get done, and got out in the nice weather.
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