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Sunday travel

I didn't feel terrifically like more travel today, but I'd talked to P. earlier in the week about going to the New Castle Farmers' Market.  So we went.  It was a rather harrowing drive down, as I ended up taking 95 over Wilmington, Delaware, which is not my favorite part of 95.  However, I followed the signs for 141 and then 13 after that, and we got there.

P. very busily looks at clothes and such at the flea market when she's there.  She encourages me to look as well.  "You look intensely," I said, "and I look casually."  I did get a tie-dyed T-shirt.  P. looked at CDs, DVDs, tchotkes, housewares, tools and electronics, too.  I kept with my casual looking.  I did get Fleetwood Mac's The Dance in my search through CD bins.  I wasn't looking too seriously for DVDs, but I saw Capote, and got that.  CDs and DVDs seemed to pretty uniformly be $2 among vendors, sometimes 3 for $5 with the CDs.

I got a green glass bowl, probably intended as a candy bowl, but that I could use to put herbs and flowers in.  Then we went to the indoor part of the farmers' market.  We got fruit smoothies (P. is a big fan of pina colada), and I got mini donuts, freshly made.  We looked in the dollar store, and I got a pack of Sharpies.

P. wanted to stop for Kentucky Fried Chicken, so we stopped at the one near the farmers' market.  She loves KFC.  I got a box of popcorn chicken while we were there.

The drive back to Pennsylvania was pretty harrowing as well, as I ended up going on 95 over Wilmington again, with P. complaining that if I'd listened to her we would have missed going over Wilmington.  She sucks as a navigator, and we ended up going over the bridge into New Jersey once when I followed her directions.  We didn't want to go to New Jersey then.

Once we'd gotten on a road we actually wanted to be on, I asked her if she wanted to stop at a Goodwill.  She was okay with the idea.  I got red cups that were plastic that looked rather like glass.  Cool-looking, but hard to break.  In anticipation of our travels during the holidays, I got Choirs of Christmas: A Postcard Christmas.  The CD was made in the U.S., and has the English titles for songs, but has all German choirs, including an Essen one.  I'm wondering if the songs will be in German.  We shall see.

I had called Mom from the flea market to see if she wanted Corningware, but she said she couldn't tell without seeing it, and that we had a good bit of Corningware already.  She requested a stop at a liquor store.  There are lots of liquor stores on the Delaware side of the Pennsylvania/Delaware border -- no tax.  The one she wanted the sherry from was a Pennsylvania one, though, a state store.  That was a ways up from the Goodwill.  I got her sherry.

I dropped P. off.  The flea market is kind of fun, and it's cool to look around the inside of the building, too, but P. is such a lousy navigator.  I brought my "treasures" home, and plan to have a quiet evening.
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