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Saturday travel

Mom and I went to a bead shop in Lancaster City, Lancaster County, which is nowhere near where we live.  However, Mom had heard they had a good selection of beads there.  We got several strands and some loose ones.  Traffic on Route 30 was dreadful and we got lost in Lancaster City.  We did see a couple of horses and buggies in our travels on the smaller roads.

We stopped by the AT&T store, and I got Mom's sim card transferred to the phone that was mine up until a day ago.  At least I know how to work that one.  The associate who had helped me the other day showed me how to answer calls when the phone was powered down.  You swipe up on the screen.  We'll see how that works for me when I'm doing it independently.  He added the Kindle app to the phone.  It's a free app.

I tried downloading various .MOBI files I had from multiformat books into Kindle.  I could do it into the Kindle app on the computer by dragging and dropping.  I couldn't get the computer to recognize the phone as a connected device.  Dad worked on it for a while, but nothing doing.  I tried downloading .MOBI files from publishers, and the phone said that Windows 7 didn't support the format.  It doesn't support e-pub either.  I did download Adobe Acrobat, but on a 3.5 inch screen, PDFs really aren't particularly workable.

So things were mixed with the phone.  I know how to answer it now, and that's a plus.  I can't really use it as an e-reader yet, but I carry the Pocket Edition (350) Sony with me practically all the time now, so I have a small e-reader I am using.  I can get e-mail and the Internet very easily on the phone, and I'll learn more about surfing the web on it.

All in all -- stressful drive, cool bead shop, some success and some failure with the phone.  The whole day was pretty mixed.  I'm sure I'll appreciate the beads more once the drive fades in my memory.
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