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In which I'll probably go to the secondhand bookstore for a while.

I have Glee DVDs from the first and second seasons, and watched an episode from near the end of the second season, "Prom Queen."  Kurt was devastated.  Blaine was a great boyfriend.  Someone observed that having Kurt's father and stepbrother chatting in the living room with Kurt's boyfriend while Kurt got ready to show them his outfit was groundbreaking in its own way.  I forget that Glee is a mainstream show, because it covers so many issues queer kids face.  The number of gay and bisexual characters on the show is really astounding for a network show, and they get some real storylines.

Later: I went to the secondhand bookstore for a while.  I put away some donated books, some paperbacks, and the children's books Mom and I had cleared off the old rickety bookcase in the upstairs hallway.  I straightened out the romance shelves and the boxes of romance in the back.

I'll probably watch more episodes of Glee, finish up this week's editing, and do some reading.
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