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Monday so far

I haven't had a whole lot of it yet.  I do want to go get more storage container boxes, and put VHS tapes in them.  I currently have VHS tapes filling several cardboard boxes.  I had taped several TV series, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Hercules, and Xena, plus a lot of hockey games from when I was working 3-11 or 4-12 and wasn't home in the evenings to watch them then.  I want to sort out the TV series and store them. 

I finished Changes last night.  It was book three in a Mercedes Lackey series, a Valdemar novel.  I thought it was the third in a trilogy, but it ended up with far more questions than answers, and the questions from the first couple of books still unsolved.  I guess there will be another several books before the plot arcs are finished.  It irks me a little that things weren't solved in this one, because I thought it was a trilogy and things would be wrapped up.

Ulysses is amusing me.  I recommended Sarah Black's Idaho Pride, and he said, "You book pimp, you."  I had posted about Idaho Battlegrounds in a rather long post in which I talked about several books.

I said, "I suppose I am," and said that I'd liked Idaho Battlegrounds quite a lot, too.  In feedback to him, I also recommended Vindaloo and the T-Bird and Big Balls and Trouble.  Uly is getting quite a wish list of Sarah's books.  He may have already gotten the Idaho books.  I had recommended Border Roads to him some time ago, telling him that it would make him cry.

He said, "You are the dealer to my Kindle addiction."  Well, he seems to be glad that the e-books aren't taking up physical space.

Later: I got plastic storage containers from Wal-Mart and K-Mart, and sorted out my video tapes.  The hockey tapes can be recycled, and the TV series tapes are in the storage containers, sorted out by series and with the boxes labeled.  I got a CD holder -- a cloth one -- from Wal-Mart, and put loose CDs in it.  All in all, I got a lot of organizing done in a couple of hours.

Later still -- Monday's reading: I’m reading more of Syd McGinley’s backlist.  I read the Broadly Bound anthology, which has Syd’s “The Leash Has Two Ends.”  There are f/f stories in that, too, and poly family stories.  The other stories were enjoyable enough.  Some had gender-bending, which was fine with me.  I wonder how wide an audience the book had.  Perhaps it was aimed at a pansexual and/or kinky audience.  For me, it’s the author rather than the kink. 
I read “What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?”  The narrator is a human taken as a pet by an alien.  It was somewhat disturbing how alien the alien was, but the narrator was happy to be a pet.
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