neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

some of Sunday's reading

I read Syd McGinley's Out of the Woods and Twice-Caught.  In this world, feral boys are hunted down by men -- soldiers -- and then tamed.  Tarin is particularly feral.  I'm used to Syd's Dr. Fell stories, and Dr. Fell is usually very civilized.  It was kind of rough on me getting things from the perspective of a wild boy.  Syd also showed off a strange sense of humor.  The soldiers' society prays to the mysterious "Mothers."  None of the boys can remember ever seeing a woman, and they're not seen at the soldiers' camp.  When the men's society receives Blessings from the Mothers, they chorus, "Thanks, mom."  Syd seems to be deconstructing the feral boy genre.

Twice-Caught was easier for me because Tarin was semi-civilized by then.  I'm not sure if there will be more in this series.  I would like to see stories from Captain Garrick's perspective.  I don't know if that would happen.  I could understand how this series could be very popular with some readers.  The Dr. Fell stories are much more my thing.  
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