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Saturday visit

J. and K. came up from Baltimore to visit us, and brought their dog, Morris.  J. and Mom and Dad and I went to Goodwill to donate some things while K. stayed back at the house to nap.  I was happy to see J. and K., but cranky about the togetherness with Mom and Dad that I was enduring.  We all looked around at Goodwill.  I had seen ruby, cobalt and green vases at Goodwill a few months ago, but the ones I liked were all gone.  Perhaps it was for the better.

J. helped me look at CDs, and pointed out one of Erasure hits, and also the soundtrack for The Crow.  I got those.  When we got home, J. did a family share thing, and I got music of his.

We had dinner from Capriotti's, a place that sells various hoagies (sub sandwiches).  We got an enormous "bobbie" -- I have no idea why it's called that -- which has turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing in the roll.  I had had cereal when I got up, and then a sandwich a little later, so I only had a bit of the bobbie.

J. and K. called it a day shortly after dinner, and I gratefully retreated upstairs.

Later: I read Sarah Black's Idaho Pride, which had much more going on than a romance.  It covered the topics of violence, the closet, suicide, and self-acceptance.  It didn't hit the reader over the head with the messages, but it took a thoughtful look at those things while telling an interesting story.  I read it through twice.
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