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Friday day

E.M. had wanted bookstore helpers today, because she thought she'd be working all day Friday -- 10-7 -- and all day Saturday -- 10-4:30(?).  I came in around 1:15.  There was a cashier there, who said she'd signed up for Friday morning, and E.M. had just forgotten.  I straightened out the romances.  Someone had donated some new category romances, as we had a bag that said "October romances."  I put some of them out.  I filled in all the gaps on the shelves.  It looks like some people had been shopping in contemporary romances.

A lady was there looking at the suspense and paranormal romance section.  I told her we had a few more romantic suspense books in the back.  She liked paranormal, she said.  All we had of paranormal in the back was Jayne Castle's book After Glow.  She thought she'd read it.  I said I liked the Harmony series a lot.  We don't have a whole lot of paranormal romance.  I really should bring some in.

I got Suzanne Brockmann's book Harvard's Education, which is the fifth in the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series.  Someone keeps bringing them in.  I need to read them and bring them back.  At least I made a place on the shelves for them when I put some of my books in storage containers.

I may stop by the bookstore again tomorrow.  V. is working in the morning.  E.M. will be there in the afternoon.  D.P. stopped by today, too, so there were a few bookstore people there.  I don't know if the romance shelves will need quite so much filling in on Saturday, but I'm sure E.M. will have projects she thinks up.  She thinks up six projects at a time and is all over the place.  I tell her that I just want to work on one project at a time.

I called S. and asked if he and M. wanted to go to Longwood Gardens today or tomorrow.  I think it's supposed to be nice out tomorrow.  It was a little cooler than yesterday today.  Sunday is Outfest in Philadelphia.  I may go.  It depends who I can get to go with me, or meet up with me.  I'll see if S. has ideas.

Last night I read a few things.  I read Taction by J. Rocci and Adrenaline and If Wishes Were Horses by B.A. Tortuga.  I re-read Lessons in Love and part of Lessons in Desire.  I was sleepy by 1-something a.m., so I decided to see if I could just go to sleep.  I did get some sleep.  I'll post on what I read tonight.

Later: I read (re-read) up into Lessons in Temptation in the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries.  I got Sarah Black's Idaho Battlegrounds and Idaho Pride.  I read Idaho Battlegrounds.  I really liked Grady and Edward.  I thought it was quite a good novella.

I read Feliz Faber's Desert Falcon and City Falcon.  I wished for Hunter's sake that he would have fallen for men who treated him better.  In City Falcon, the protagonist, Andy, was closeted and kind of self-loathing.  He was a police officer, and you saw why he was acting like he was, but he still was pretty bad to Hunter.  It was a decent book.  Andy made it a bit hard to sympathize with him, and the message was a little heavy in places.  Still, the books were interesting.
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