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garden club Thursday

Well, I woke at 10:15, which is pretty good for me lately, and garden club started at 11, so I just did my usual "morning" routine in the actual morning, then thought about going for the program.  S.M. left me a message saying that even if I didn't make it to the business meeting part, I should come to lunch and to see the program.  I decided that since she said so, I really should.

I made it there while the ladies were still having lunch.  They're all friendly and seemed happy to see me.  It was nice seeing them.  The program was about making a show-quality flower arrangement that would go on a table.  I didn't think it applied to me, but it was interesting to see.  The lady, V., did a "metropolitan" arrangement that was red, black and white.  She'd spray-painted willow stems black, and hydrangeas white.  She used red roses.  The tablecloth was red, the placemat was black with a white design, and the plate was red and white.  It did look quite modern.  The roses went through the hydrangeas, with the willow stems making a crescent shape.  S.M. got pictures.

The other design was with blue-and-white china, and a blue-and-white tablecloth.  She used a tall base that was painted a softish yellow.  She had oasis on top of that.  She used grapevine that was woven into a sort of netting to make a Hogarth curve.  I asked if it was after the artist.  She told me I could do the research on that.  That one she put sunflowers in.

She said we could take extra plant material, so I took a rose.  J.D. passed around a vase of carnations, peachy with a red picotee, and told the garden club members to take a carnation.  So I got a couple of flowers this time from garden club.

S.M. had had a picture made from the one of Igor Dolgaschew and me at the Gays of Our Lives event, and had it framed, and gave it to me.  I thought it was very nice of her.  I think I'd e-mailed her some of the pictures from the event.  I explained that he played a character on a German soap opera.  Several of the ladies had heard about the German soap operas I watch.  They thought he was very cute, which, of course, he is.  Lisabea put that picture up when she did a post about me at Gays of Our Lives.

After garden club, I ran an errand that took me only fifteen minutes away from Longwood Gardens.  It was a very nice day out, so I decided to go there.  I didn't get a scooter this time, and perhaps I should have, because I seem to be getting plantar fasciitis again.  I guess I need a new pair of sneakers.  Despite that, I got to several areas of the gardens.

I went to the formal rose garden.  We haven't had a frost here yet, so some of the roses were still blooming.  'Mr. Lincoln' was blooming, and one that I think was 'Belinda's Dream'.  I went to the Hillside Garden, which I haven't been to in a while.  There was some fall-blooming crocus along one of the paths I took.  There were a lot of tall lavender asters.  I saw a couple of blossoms on the fairy roses, but their peak must have been early summer.  The hardy begonias were blooming.  The beautyberry looked very nice.  The berries are an almost metallic purple.

The Garden Railroad was running, which I have to tell Dad about.  Maybe we can go tomorrow, or Saturday, so he can see the railroad.  He's a big fan of miniature trains.

I went to the rose garden part of the Idea Garden, and the herb garden there.  They had a good amount of patchouli.  I couldn't see a sign for it -- it was probably under the leaves -- but it looked and smelled like patchouli.  I went into the conservatories briefly.  There were some chrysanthemums there, as they're gearing up for the Chrysanthemum Festival.  I went out to see the water lilies, as they'll be gone with the first frost.  They were still blooming nicely today, though.

I went to the orchid room, which is perhaps my favorite part of the conservatories, and on the Flower Garden Walk.  I went through the Silver Garden.  It always smells so good there.  Someone told me that it was the southernwood, or whatever artemisia is there.  I went partway around the Main Conservatory, and looked at the front part of the East Conservatory, by that entrance.  There were just rows of yellow chrysanthemums along the way there.

I didn't spend a very long time at Longwood Gardens, but that's the beauty of having a season pass.  I don't have to spend all day, but can just go for a little while.  It's $65 for a year, and $15 per visit without a pass, so it pays for itself pretty quickly.  I figured I should get out and enjoy the nice weather while we had it.  It was a good visit.
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