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later Monday

Well, we got our windows measured.  It felt quite cold today.  My ankle was aching.

I read various things.  I got Josephine Myles' First Impressions and Last Chance from Torquere.  The free story Fuzzy fits in between those two.  Jez and Steve are quite the characters.

I read "The Case of the Overprotective Ass" in Home Fires Burning.  It's by Charlie Cochrane, and has Toby and Alasdair from "The Roaming Heart" in the I Do anthology.  They're British movie stars of the late 1940s/early 1950s.  I adored Toby and Alasdair.  I wonder if they're going to get more stories.

I got I Do Two.  I read several of the stories.  Lee Rowan's "Turnabout" has Robert and Jack from "Gentleman's Gentleman" in the Speak Its Name anthology.  I got Speak Its Name when it was published by Linden Bay Romance.  It's since been republished.  I liked Robert and Jack.  I also read "Inner Truth" by Alex Beecroft, James' "Touche," "The Uneven Chance" by Charlie Cochrane, "Aim Higher" by J.L. Merrow, and Neil Plakcy's "Honolulu Hula."  "Honolulu Hula" has the characters from the Mahu mysteries in it, except that this one is from Mike's viewpoint instead of Kimo's.  It's interesting to get a look at Kimo from the outside.  I don't think the stories other than "Turnabout" and "Honolulu Hula" out of the ones I read had characters from other books.

Tea and Crumpet has a Cambridge Fellows short story in it.  It's worth it to me to get an anthology if there are related stories of characters I like, or just stories from authors I like.  I haven't read all of Tea and Crumpet yet, but I know I read that one.

I'll post something about some of these stories on AE.  It's a little complex about what stories follow which others.  I may just tell Uly about some of them, and let him do the review when he reads them.

Later: I read the other story in Home Fires Burning, "This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense."  It was a World War I story, and parts of it were very sad.  I seem to have read a fair number of World War I stories lately.  Some were written at the time.  I think Charlie captures the feeling well, writing nearly a century later.

I've read quite the range of stories today.  I'll probably get Home Fires Burning in print at some point.  I'm acquiring the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries in print.  I think All Lessons Learned comes out in February or so.
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