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Monday so far

I woke at seven for no apparent reason.  I'd conked out by one-something, I think.  I was tired and didn't feel like fighting it.  I'd woken at ten-thirty yesterday morning.  I am trying to get to bed earlier, even though it means dealing with more noise and family chaos if I'm awake at the same time my folks are.  Falling asleep after dawn and sleeping until three or four in the afternoon kills the whole day.  It was indeed complete chaos today, as there's someone coming to measure the windows in preparation for putting new ones in.  Mine's in horrible shape.  It won't stay up.  I have to prop it with a piece of wood if I want it open, and there are big holes in the screen anyway, patched as best I could with duct tape.

Dad helped me move the boxes of videotapes and boxes and bags of comic books that were in front of the window.  Now they're blocking access to the bed, but at least you can get through to the window.  When K.G. helped me with organization, she put things back by the window before I even got a chance to vacuum there.  This time, Dad carried the vacuum cleaner up the stairs -- a feat I cannot manage -- and I vacuumed the whole area, and any other part of my room where floor space showed.

There are a few books on the bed now, and my lamp and clock radio, which are normally on the windowsill.  The power strip is pushed off by the bed.  Mom's desk is right in front of the only south window in the house, a big window, and she was frantically trying to clear off her desk.  It's generally been complete chaos since I woke.

It's getting cold this time of year, too.  I'm wearing one of my hoodies and a pair of jeans.  I fixed myself a cup of chocolate puerh tea.  I have no idea how to pronounce the "puerh" part.  It's nice and chocolaty, though, with a hint of vanilla as well.

I read Ex Equals, by L.A. Witt, last night.  Chris and Justin were in the Navy.  They became lovers, then, after a while, things all went very wrong.  Don't Ask, Don't Tell didn't help the situation.  Chris became a math teacher.  Justin stayed in the Navy, but signed up for one of the math classes Chris was teaching.  I could sympathize with Justin with the math, because I flunked algebra in high school.  Otherwise I pretty much sympathized with Chris.  I've enjoyed the books of L.A. Witt's that I've read.

Later: I got and read Kindred Hearts by G.S. Wiley.  It's one of the Spice It Up series, in this case mace.  The spice has a very loose connection to the story, in this case.  It was a cute story, though.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to take reading a protagonist with a stammer, because for me it makes for awful reading, but this wasn't too bad.  You got a lot of what Alfie was thinking, but other characters made as much or more conversation.  Alfie was quite a sympathetic character.
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