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and later Sunday

I did laundry, and did some e-book shopping.  I got T.A. Chase's Wishing for a Home from Fictionwise and Ex Equals by L.A. Witt and A Hard Habit to Break by K.C. Kendricks from Amber Allure.  I got A Companion to Wolves and The Tempering of Men as e-books from Google eBooks.  I was able to download them onto the Sonys, and into the Reader Library, but not able to download them onto the Kobo -- or at least not so I could see them.  The way to download books looks very strange on the computer now -- all those updates I did, I guess.  Several files ended up just in Downloads before I got worked out how to get them into my documents and onto the e-readers.

I got Charlie Cochrane's Home Fires Burning from ARe.  They only had it in e-pub or Mobi.  I thought it might only be in e-pub.  It's from a tiny publisher.  I don't think it had DRM on it other than the usual for e-pubs.  I got a couple of duplicate books to have them in e-pub.  I tried to shop at Dreamspinner Press, but it wasn't working for me.  I figured that was a sign to me that I'd had enough e-book shopping.

Tomorrow I have various errands to do, but I'm pleased that I at least got some laundry done.  I'll post about the books I haven't read once I read them.

Later: I re-read Static by L.A. Witt.  It's an interesting one.  It's an alternate world where some people are able to physically shift between genders at will.  Alex is a "shifter."  His parents drug hir and have a surgery done to prevent hir from shifting.  Alex's boyfriend Damon only knew hir as a woman -- Alex was keeping being a shifter from Damon.  It's a shock to Damon to see Alex as a man.  So it's an already established relationship that changes drastically, plus Alex seeing if ze can have the surgery reversed.  It's quite an examination of what that world would be like. 
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