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Sunday so far

I didn't get to sleep early, but I think I was asleep by three-something.  I woke at ten-thirty, and figured I'd better stay awake if I wanted to sleep tonight, so I made myself coffee and had some croissants.

Last night and today I read and re-read parts of The Tempering of Men.  Though the first book had much more of a focus on situational homosexuality, in this one Skaldwulf and Vethulf wanted to have sex with men, and could fall in love with men.  They were still in a culture with situational homosexuality, but it was way more than that for them.

Isolfr, on the other hand, could be physically bisexual and was able to enjoy sex with both men and women, but for various reasons didn't fall in love with men.  Skaldwulf said that it wasn't in Isolfr's nature.  Skaldwulf called himself a "lover of men," and clearly felt that that was his nature.  I believe Skaldwulf had been around the wolf culture all his life, so it wasn't problematic for him that way, either.

The third book will, at this point, be called An Apprentice to Elves. That probably means that it will have Isolfr's daughter as the protagonist, and she'll be in among the elf culture, a matriarchal society in which the females are just as strong physically as the men, and are higher ranked. I liked the stories of the wolves and men. I don't really want to go off to a different species and matriarchal culture. Not that I have anything against women as individuals, just that their stories generally focus on very different sorts of things than stories from a male viewpoint do. The elf culture has a huge reverence for mothers. It's just not something I'm into. Perhaps I'd feel different if I had children, but I think it's all around very fortunate that I never did.

I have the feeling the third book will derail for me.  I'd much rather have the focus stay on the wolf culture and the men.  Well, it's supposed to come out in 2013.  I may get it in e-book and then get it in paperback later if I like it.
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