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Friday so far

Not too much going on yet.  S.D. came to clean, and I told her that I was getting a lot of use from the e-reader cover.  Well, whenever I'm not reading, the e-reader is in its cover.  It's just a bit large, but the previous two she made were too small.  It's not so large that the e-reader falls out of the cover.  That e-reader is the Sony Daily Edition, which is the one I still mostly use for reading.  That's the one with the 7" screen.  Now that I have the cover for that, I keep the 5" screen e-reader, the Pocket one, constantly in the previous cover she made.  The other e-readers are definitely backups to the 950, though I use them every so often.

I'm still checking to see what electronic gadget websites have reviews of the PRS-T1 Wi-Fi.  I've looked at CNET a couple of times.  I'll have to be sure to check it on October 2nd, when the e-reader is officially supposed to come out.  Perhaps Consumer Reports will have something to say.  At $150, the PRS-T1 is much more competitive in price to the Nook and Kindle than last year's models were.  I really want to take a look at it.  I'll have to stop by the local Best Buy sometime in October.

Added: I see that Amazon is coming out with a Kindle Touch.  They have a 2011 one available now that doesn't have the physical keyboard, but has a directional button on the bottom and a virtual keyboard.  It has Wi-Fi.  I suppose it would function something like the Kobo Wireless.  If you get that Kindle with ads, it is competitive in price to the Kobo Wireless.

I expect the Kindle Touch will be a huge hit.  It's competitive in price, and touch screens are the big thing now.  For people who already have all their books in MOBI format and plan to get future ones that way, it would be great.  I'm sure I'll post more about that.  It's not something I would get, but it's something I'd like to see, and experiment with to see how it works.

Later: I got out to a Wawa (tri-state area convenience store) to pick up dinner, but that was it for my travels today.

I was updating books from my to-read to read list on Goodreads, and saw that The Tempering of Men, the sequel to A Companion to Wolves, came out in mid-August.  I'll have to see if it's at the local Barnes & Noble.  The reviews are mixed.  A number of people noted that it has the faults of a middle book in a trilogy.  Some said it was more like three novellas than one novel.  It's told from three viewpoints, instead of Isolfr's like the first book was, and none are his viewpoint.

I loved A Companion to Wolves.  Many of the characters' names changed partway through, and then there were all the wolves' names, so I finally had to write all the names down to try to keep it straight.  It had a Norse saga feeling to it.  It kind of blew "companion animal" books out of the water, with its look at what it might be like to be bonded to a wolf.  No magical horses here.  This one got gritty, and tragic in places.  It was the story of a Viking-like people's war against trolls, and Isolfr's coming of age, from relatively sheltered teenaged boy to young man.
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