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Thursday -- rambling about books

There was a discussion of the Raised by Wolves books on AE's Gay Lit forum.  I believe that first they were mentioned, and the discussion continued with a librarian not being thrilled with the quality of them.  I think she said she judges for the Stonewall awards, so she's got really different criteria from someone who just likes reading m/m romances.  Erastes critiqued the first.  I believe I saw that review on Goodreads.  Erastes does critical reviews, which I appreciate.  Often you just get someone saying, "I liked this," or "I hated this."  When I talk about books online, it's often limited to "I liked this."  My silence regarding a book I read may be me trying to be diplomatic and not say anything.  Then again, it may just be that I only comment on a fraction of the books I've read.

In any case, I hadn't read this series.  From what I understand, they're very long, and my attention span for the past several months has for the most part been limited to reading short stories and novellas.  For quite some time before that I was mostly just reading for work.  I'd read the occasional short story, like any in the Dr. Fell universe (auto-buys for me) that came out, but I wasn't doing much pleasure reading.  My concentration for reading was totally shot when I broke my ankle.  I could barely move, and I couldn't concentrate enough to read for pleasure.  Fortunately, I was still able to watch German soap operas.  That only required me to read subtitles or try to do rough mental translations.  I don't know why that wasn't taxing, but watching TV doesn't usually require much attention span.

Perhaps I'll work my way back up to long books.  I read Lover Mine and Lover Unleashed recently.  Of course, that's not exactly challenging reading in the "needing to think heavily about it" sense.  In fact, it's better if you don't think about it too much and just go along with the wackiness.  It's like bubblegum, but with lots of "h"s.  Someday a big fan who's not critical will find me, and then I'll be in trouble.  I'll probably have to resort to my "It's fiction, people" defense.  I like the books.  They are what they are.  I adored how the Ho Yay continued in them.  I probably posted about how much joy that gave me.

This post has really turned into me rambling about critical reading versus reading for pleasure.  Not that you can't do both, but I've developed more of a sense of why I liked or didn't like a book over the last few years.  Part of it probably had to do with reading Man, Oh Man.  I know more about book structure now, and I've seen a lot of critiques of different levels of writing skill.

There was one book that Josh posted about in his LJ without naming names that I later got and recognized a line from.  The book was a did-not-finish for me once I recognized that line.  I had seen Elisa's review and thought it might be interesting.  I believe that Elisa just reviews books if she can say something positive about them.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, and I've found some books I liked through her recommendations.  After the book in question became a did-not-finish for me, I saw Emmyjag's review of it.  I wish I'd seen Emmyjag's review first.

I've read a lot of books I liked lately, though.  I guess I'm picking more from authors I know I like, for one thing.  I have gone with at least a few recommendations from the AE forums.  In some cases I already had the book and it encouraged me to read it.
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