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Tuesday - TV - I Am Unicorn

Again I couldn't sleep.  I re-read parts of Dance with Me, which is an awesome book.  Heidi Cullinan is a very skilled writer.  I worked out how to make collections on the Sony 950.  The books still all show, though.  I was hoping they would just show as folders for the ones I put in collections.

Uly approved of my attempts to sort out what authors had been named on the m/m romance forum.  I had named a fair amount of them, but there were a number of authors I hadn't heard of.  Some of the books mentioned were more along gay lit lines, I think.

I got my books from Amazon.  There are two I haven't read yet, Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz and Forever Blue by Suzanne Brockmann.  I'd read the stories in The Complete Dr. Fell: The Boys of Fell in various Torquere anthologies, Sips, and the occasional novella.  I read Lessons in Trust in e-book format.

All Lessons Learned isn't out as a paperback yet.  I believe it takes eleven months when it's Samhain.  The note on the product page on Samhain's website for Lessons in Love said it had been revised and expanded, and the note for Lessons in Desire said it had been published before.  I had gotten them at Linden Bay Romance.  I'm really glad that Charlie went to Samhain when Samhain bought Linden Bay (is that how it happened?) because you can find her books.  I'm not saying that in a  mean way at all, but Samhain is one of the bigger romance e-publishers, or I have the impression it is.  It's just harder to find some of the Macaronis' books now than it was when they were being published through Linden Bay.

Later: I wrote out the authors and titles of those books on the AE m/m romance forum that aren't m/m romances, and asked O. if I could post them on the Gay Lit forum.

I went to the secondhand bookstore for about a half hour and straightened out and filled in the romance shelves.  We're still very low on category romances.  I need to bring some in.

Later still: I watched Glee.  There were too many show tunes for my tastes.  There was some good stuff with Kurt, though.  He talked about wanting to "pass" so he could play romantic leading men.  Several other characters were skeptical about his ability to pass for straight.  It's one of those topics that I think should be handled, and I thought it was handled pretty well here.  I read the recaps on AfterElton, but I'm remembering now that it's a mainstream show.  It's quite something to tackle that on a mainstream show.
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