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Sunday so far

We celebrated Mom's birthday today.  We got take-out from [really good local Italian restaurant] and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  She got her own cake.  She wondered why I hadn't bought her a cake yesterday, and I said that I had no idea when they'd be coming home.  Mom was happy to find cake with banana and chocolate frosting.  Not my favorite, but she likes it, and that's what matters.  She had a lot of fun at the Entenmann's outlet, getting cookies and crumb cake while she was there, as well.

I finished A Troubled Range, the second book in the Range series, in which Dakota and Wally's friend Phillip meets Haven Jessup from a neighboring ranch.  Haven's father is a bigot, and "the gay thing" is all very new to Haven.  Phillip has been laid off from his job as an accountant in the recession, which I thought was very timely.  Haven is just trying to work around his father.  I enjoyed the book.  In real life I would think that guys would need time to work through it all and sow their wild oats a bit before having a romance, but I just went with it in A Troubled Range.

I got two novellas to line edit, and did my first read-through on both.

I read e-reader reviews again.  It looks like people will be able to borrow Kindle books from libraries now, which should be welcome news to those who have a Kindle.  Also, and exciting to me, I saw that Sony is coming out with a new e-reader this year after all:  I'd heard about their tablets coming out, and I guess that news overshadowed the e-reader news.  So, like the article says, the PRS-T1 has Wi-Fi, but only costs $149, so it's half the price of the 2010 model with Wi-Fi.  It's much like the 650, except for the addition of wireless and a few other features.  It weighs less, and is $80 cheaper than the 650.  The Sonys are competitive with price now.

I have enough e-readers -- or more than enough -- but it's still interesting to me that Sony is able to respond to the market.  They brought out an e-reader, the 500, 14 months before the original Kindle came out, so I've read, so they started it all.  They had the classic and much-beloved 505, but it seems like since then they made some mistakes with the murky-with-glare touchscreens of the 600, 700, and 900.  This was fixed in the 350, 650 and 950 models, though they were expensive for what they were.  I'll have to find somewhere to look at the Wi-Fi PRS-T1 when it officially comes out in early October.  Best Buy will probably have it, so I'd think.

I love my e-readers.  The 950 didn't do what I thought it would with the 3G, which only goes to the Reader Store.  Sometime I really will have to get a smartphone, which would do what I want with data, or so I would hope.  They have ones with QWERTY keyboards, which is what I'd like.  As far as the e-readers are concerned, once I got the 350 working, I loved that, too.  I really like the Kobo Touch.  I'd like if it had page turn buttons, but tapping the page or doing finger swipes usually works well enough.  As for e-book format, epubs look so good on it.  For the price, it's very good.

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