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trip to big used bookstore

Today A. and I took a trip to [local independent used bookstore].  It is gigantic -- four stories in an old stone barn.  A. had a lot of fun exploring, but only got one inexpensive book.  I was doing pretty well with restraint as far as the gardening section went.  I found one relatively old book on roses, Roses for Every Garden, published in 1948.  It has some good roses of the time listed, so that gives me some pre-1950s rose selections to add to my mental database.  I have plenty of books on roses of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, but I love to collect ones that say what was popular many years ago.  A lot of Hybrid Teas from earlier decades are out of commerce now, of course, but it's good information for historicals -- or so I tell myself.  What I really should do is collect All-America Rose Selections yearbooks.  Some of the used ones are very inexpensive.

As we wandered up through the bookstore, I saw a book called Fantasy of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History.  It's a really pretty book, too, oversized, with lots of colorful pictures of magazine covers and pulp fiction book covers.  I could not resist.  I skimmed it a little bit -- will add more once I really read through it.
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