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Tuesday so far

In which I did a little shopping.  I wasn't too bad, though.  I went to Barnes & Noble, and got Glee Season 2 Volume 2, and had a mini-marathon with episodes I hadn't seen.  I think I jumped on the bandwagon around "Blame It On the Alcohol."  I watched the first disc, of episodes I hadn't seen, then part of disc 2, fast-forwarding through parts of some episodes, though I watched the key sections of "Original Song."  I set the VCR to tape the first episode of the third season, though I plan to watch it as well.

Aside from that, I was on a bit of a Jayne Ann Krentz kick.  I got two written as Jayne Castle, the futuristic ones set on the planet called Harmony.  One was Obsidian Prey.  I think I'd had a copy of it, but it got very beat up from the way it would fall from the dresser onto the path to my bed.  I got Midnight Crystal, too, the third in the Dreamlight trilogy.  I went to the really big used bookstore in the area, and found the second book in the Dreamlight trilogy, Burning Lamp.  That's an Amanda Quick one, so it's set in the past.  It's an Arcane Society novel.  I've read a few of those.  I wonder if the first is set in the present day.  Oddly enough, Burning Lamp and several other Amanda Quick novels were in mysteries.

That bookstore has a few bookstore cats, and one followed me upstairs and meowed at me to pet it.  It went all the way up to the third floor for attention.  I petted it with the back of my hand so as not to get cat fur on my fingers and palm when I looked at books.  Well, at least they're friendly cats.  I'll have to take S. there sometime.  I think he'd enjoy it.  H. loved it, and found a lot of art books to look at.

I went to the secondhand bookstore where I volunteer.  I'd forgotten that it was the day of the monthly meeting.  Apparently it had started at one.  I got there at 1:50 and sat for ten minutes, then got up when a customer brought in a couple of bags of donations, to show her where to put them.  Then I went around and did a few things.  I said to E.M. that I was very restless.  She explained it to the other volunteers as an ADD thing, which was probably not unfair.  Though I don't have an official diagnosis, it would not surprise me.  I found Suzanne Brockmann's Prince Joe, which is the first in the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series.  I've been trying to read a library copy for several weeks now.

So aside from an unofficial ADD diagnosis, it was just me being into a bit of pop culture and romances, mostly paranormal romances.  Nothing too new, except Glee will probably be the only show I watch this TV season.  The season premiere is tonight.

I note that Don't Ask Don't Tell was officially repealed today.  I generally have a "war is hell" viewpoint, as is supported by the Fighting in France book I commented above about reading.  Yes, it was fiction, but those kinds of things really happened.  I support the troops, of course.  I'm glad our GLB servicemembers can serve openly now.
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