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Monday so far

My sleep patterns remain even more disrupted than usual.  Last night and today I re-read the Tommy and Dr. Tanaka stories.  It took me quite a while to figure out on my own what the order was, although there are notes at the beginning of some that one goes before or after another.  I looked at Syd's websites today after reading them, and saw that they were listed in order, which would have made things much easier.  Her website is updated.  When I used to look at it, it would be several stories behind, but it seems good at the moment.

I was inspired to re-read things by getting the "Felliverse" story "Poster Child," and I just got the new Nestor story today.  Nestor is a Classics Professor at the same college where Dr. Pol Ronne and Dr. Katashi Tanaka teach.  Nestor, however, is a sub, and intimidated by Pol and by Tommy's Sensei.  His first story, "War Paint," is in Toy Box: Makeup.  He wears eyeliner and paints his toenails gold.  His Sir, Steven, is not pleased by that.  Owen does the most gender-bending in the Dr. Fell stories, and twink often thinks how girly Owen is.  Pete seems to like it well enough, though.  Actually, Tommy did drag as "Miss B. Gotten," but it didn't seem like a daily thing with him.

It's interesting that Dr. Fell comes across to me as very butch, but he gets called by slurs at the construction sites where he works -- at least, until he wins at arm-wrestling the roofer who calls him the names.  Most of the other Doms he knows seem fairly gender-conforming, though the subs have quite the range from gender-conforming to really not.  Perhaps some of the subs have more freedom to be themselves than their Sirs do.
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