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Saturday so far

After my reading, I didn't get to sleep for several hours, well after daylight.  I slept until 3:30.  That has made it not much of a day for me so far.  I was still tired when I got up, but perked up a little after my first meal of the day.  I saw that Emily Veinglory had a free story on her website, Journey's End, and read that.  That one had elves and magic.

I have a few articles to work on, and hopefully will have a line editing job to start on tonight.  It should be a good night to get some work done.

Later: I finished copy editing those articles, though it looks like it will be a couple of days before I get the line editing job.

Torquere is having their Charity Sips Blitz, and I got a few of the stories.  Syd McGinley had a twink (Charlie) story, and Sean Michael a Jarheads one.  I got one by B.A. Tortuga and a couple of others.  I enjoyed them.  I especially liked Poster Child.  It was great to get a look at Dr. Fell, twink, Ben, and the boys.  Not that I don't like Tommy's viewpoint, but Dr. Tanaka comes across as pretty cruel.  Perhaps part of it is that you don't get his viewpoint like you did Dr. Fell's.  But any story with twink in it is a good story.
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