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more reading Friday

I've been re-reading so many books, I wanted to read something new to me.  I read the novellas Eclipse of the Heart and Eclipse of the Heart 2: Here Comes the Sun by Emily Veinglory.  They're set in the same world as "Wildest Dreams," from the A Kiss at Midnight anthology.  Lan is a "closet werewolf" involved with Mason, who's human.  Actually Lan is a wolf-coyote mix.  He doesn't know how it happened, because he was abandoned and brought up in foster care.  There's a flashback to when they meet, but as Eclipse of the Heart begins, they're a committed couple and moving to a new town together.

Neither know that the town is the site of a war between a really nasty pack of werewolves and other kinds of shapeshifters.  As in "Wildest Dreams," there's a herd of deer shapeshifters -- the same herd, actually.  Mason finds out the hard way that werewolves exist.  Actually, I don't know if there is an easy way, but this was definitely a hard way.

I enjoyed the world-building, the protagonists, and their supporting characters.  I'll probably get more of Emily Veinglory's books, depending on the subject matter.  She has a long series that has elves in it.
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