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Friday so far

S.D., who does the housecleaning, came today.  She brought a book cover for my e-reader.  On this third attempt, she made the book cover large enough for the 2010 Sony Daily Edition (950).  Actually, it's a bit loose, but since the previous ones were too small, I guess I'm doing well enough now.  It's certainly better to be able to actually fit the e-reader into it.  The cover is quilted and has a snap to hold it together.  I tried to pay her again, since I can fit the Pocket Edition (350) into one of the previous covers she made, but she refused to take another payment.  Well, now I have covers for all my e-readers.

We had some interesting discussion.  She had much to say about her grandchildren and about the sewing projects she was working on.  She's doing an afghan with a NASCAR design for one of her sons.  "Yes, people really get into that," I said.  It turns out she's really into it.  I like watching horse racing, but am not into car racing.  I wrote that my milage varied on that one.  I guess it does.

The discussion on pen names continues on AE.  It's not that bad there, because most of the people are coming to it from a good-hearted perspective, so I believe.  Ulysses explained his viewpoint very clearly.  I don't agree with that viewpoint.  He's quite a decent writer, though.  I'm doing my best to keep my comments civil, and think I'm succeeding, though I felt very baited when one writer started talking about men not wanting to be "fetish objects" and talking about feminized and "heterosexualized" men in m/m romance books.  I've given my opinion on feminized men in several places.  I said that I didn't think any of the people who post on that forum wanted to read about feminized or "heterosexualized" protagonists in their m/m books.  I don't think I'll be getting that author's books, though.  It was all too much of a re-hash of old prejudices, in my opinion.  My meaning is that it seemed to be quite exactly pre-judging.

Later: Uly went back to talking about the books themselves and said that he loved Family Unit.  I'm sure Z.A. Maxfield will be getting an enthusiastic e-mail from him very soon, if she hasn't already.  I re-read it and I could see why he loved it so much.  I had told him the protagonists were older.  One character, Richard, is a grandfather raising his nine-year-old grandson.  Uly has children.  I think he could really identify with Richard.  And who wouldn't want a hero like Logan?  I enjoyed the book when I read it.  I'm not usually that into books with children in them, but Nick was okay.  You could understand his behavior, and he was well-written.  The whole book was well-written.
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