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Thursday so far

I expect I'll go to the bookstore for a while, and bring in some of the books we're donating.  I'll post more about that later.

I saw in Jordan's newsletter that the next batch of Petit Morts will be out in October.  That's something for readers to look forward to.  There was an interview with Clare London, who's participating in this bunch of stories.

I'm enjoying the Magic Mansion story.  I commented that I especially enjoy the revealing to the reader about how Professor Topaz and Ricardo feel about each other.  I knew from early on how Ricardo felt about John (Professor Topaz), but it's good to get John's viewpoint, too.  (*discussion of this month's chapters, read them before this*)  That first challenge was a doozy.  Poor John.  It's amusing how quickly Ricardo became "one of the girls."  The protagonists are very sympathetic characters, but so are some of the other challengers.  I didn't expect that John and Ricardo would become allies with some of the other characters.

I'm not sure if I like it so much partly because I said that the short story should be the start of a book, but I think I would like it a lot anyway.

Later: I brought a box of children's books to donate to the bookstore.  L. was in the back "office" (what used to be the office, and is now filled with books) working on the children's section boxes, so she put them away.  B., S.G., and M. were there.  Several people had brought in donations.  Maybe it's something about a rainy day that has people get their old books together.  I put away quite a number of paperbacks.

I straightened up the romance shelves.  There was another in the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series, Everyday, Average Jones.  It must be the fourth or fifth.  I'll have to look it up.  This one must be the first publishing run.  It's a category romance, a Silhouette Intimate Moments book, published in 1998.  So someone's been bringing in Suzanne Brockmann books to donate.  I'll bring them back after I read them.  I really have to read Prince Joe.

Later still: I finished up a line editing job.  It was a first book, but it was pretty together and decently written.  I was happy to see that good quality level in a first effort.  Not only can the reader enjoy that book, but it promises well for the future.

At some point Thursday or Friday: I got my Roses of the World in Color book, from 1936.  Hybrid Teas were indeed the big thing then.  The pictures are tinted, I think, and some look kind of unreal for colors at the time, but you get an idea for something like what they looked like.  They did have good crimsons by then, and bright yellows with the Pernetiana roses being folded into the Hybrid Tea class.  I doubt more than a couple of those Hybrid Teas would be available now, and those from specialists, but it's still fun to see what was popular. 
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