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Josh's book Dead Run came out yesterday.  I thought about waiting until it came out at Fictionwise, so I could get it multi-format, but only waited until today to get it at Loose Id.  Since I have the other books in the Dangerous Ground series in PDF, I got Dead Run in PDF as well.  I realize it didn't matter as much to me for St. Nacho's 4: The Book of Daniel.  I got that in epub format, when I have the others in PDF.  Although I like having portable books, I don't like not being able to print them out, and having to specially open a computer program to read the books.

I pre-ordered Mummy Dearest from Samhain.  The last couple of times I've pre-ordered, they haven't e-mailed me to let me know when the book was available, but I look at the Samhain store a few times a week, so I figured it out.  Sometimes the Samhain website doesn't work for me.  When I try putting the store page as a favorite it crashes, so I put the home page that's the blog page as the bookmarked page.  And what's up with having a blog page as a home page for a publisher?  Sometimes the new books don't load and show in the rotating display when I go to the store page.  However, it's still much easier to buy books when it's all one website, so that's a big improvement.

As for today in real life, the strap that holds my muffler on had rusted apart and was dragging nearly to the ground.  I was off to Firestone again.  They put a new strap on the muffler, and did an oil change and an alignment.  I will be paying off the Firestone card for months and months to come.  It seems to be one thing after another with the car lately.

I had Jasmine Pearl tea.  That's something I'm getting use out of.  Yesterday I had Starlight Rose tea.  The green and white teas seem to wake me up a little, but don't do anything as drastic as coffee does.

I copy edited a couple of articles yesterday and will work on a couple more today.  I have a line editing job due tomorrow, but I've already done a good bit of work on that, and will work on it more tonight.

I'll try to finish up tomorrow's job in time for A. to give me a call.  It's always entertaining to hear from him.

Added later: I finished Dead Run.  I liked it.  I studied French history and French art, including a fair amount about the artist in question in the book, so I feel I got a lot more out of it than those books that reference Dickens, for example.  I said in my AE post that what happened to Will was unfortunate.  I was trying not to spoil anything.  I noted to J. of AE that it's happened in White Knight and Don't Look Back.  Taylor was very hurt, and Taylor is up there as a character of Josh's I like.  In general I like Will, too.

I enjoy Dangerous Ground as a series, and Josh has said it's one that it's easier for him to write.  My very favorites of Josh's are the Adrien English Mysteries and Snowball in Hell, but Dangerous Ground is a series I'm very comfortable recommending for a good romance/action-adventure read.
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