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Sunday so far

Not much of it yet, except for me commenting on Dad watching football.  The Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback is a man who went to jail for dog-fighting.  I mentioned that he'd participated in having a number of dogs killed and maimed.  I'm not interested in football anyway, but I said I didn't think we should support that kind of thing.  Thousands of Eagles fans disagree with me, and are thrilled to have him on the team.  I don't understand it.

Some defend him by saying that there are football players accused of doing worse things to humans, and who still play.  Since I don't follow the sport, I only know what I've heard about the dog-fighting ring.  Dad said he believed people could change.  I believe that the player is now more aware that dog-fighting is illegal, and may not run a dog-fighting ring again.

I put a call in to the secret love child, and left a message asking if he was still in [nearby county] or back in [borough].  I said I could give him a ride from the train station if he'd like.

I'll post later on what I read today.
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