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I had a book due back at the library yesterday.  A fine hadn't yet been posted for it, so no charge.  It's a Sherrilyn Kenyon book, No Mercy.  I have yet to read Bad Moon Rising, which I own and wished to read first.  I saw No Mercy at Borders the other day, and wanted to get it, but figured I could always get it out of the library again once I finished Bad Moon Rising.

I renewed the Lord Peter Wimsey books.  I need to get to them.  I'm interested in the mysteries, and also a look at characters from books written in the 1920s and 1930s.  I enjoy the historical aspect.  Of course, at the time it was contemporary, and it's interesting to see how characters used the technology of the day, and what their attitudes were.

I called Borders to see if they were still open today, and they were.  The woman I spoke to didn't know when they'd close for good, and I felt bad for the employees.  It had been raining for the past two days, and raining on and off today, so I didn't really feel like going to Delaware.  I may go tomorrow if it's dry.  I'll call first.  I have a nationwide calling plan and hundreds of rollover minutes, so it's not a problem for me to call a store in Delaware.

I shopped a bit on Amazon.  I'd run out of Jasmine Pearl tea, so I ordered a bag of that.  You could subscribe for deliveries to make it several dollars cheaper, so I subscribed for it to be delivered every six months.  That just means I can share it, so I'm happy enough.  With the loose tea, I can put it in the little bags I had to put jewelry in.  About a tablespoon of Jasmine Pearl tea fits in one of the bags, and that's plenty to make a strong mug and a half of tea.

I bought Texas Splendor, used and very cheap.  I'd read the first couple from the secondhand bookstore, Texas Destiny and Texas Glory.  I'd been wanting to find out what happens in the third book of the trilogy.  The author, Lorraine Heath, is a RITA Award winner, so the front covers of the ones I have say.  I thought the first two books were quite well-written.  I can always donate them back to the bookstore when I'm done the third, but they have boxes and boxes of historical romances in the back room, so no great hurry.

I also ordered Roses of the World in Color, from 1936.  It was very cheap too.  Probably not of much interest except to those who collect old gardening books, as I do.  I'm quite interested in which roses were popular in the early twentieth century, as Hybrid Teas were very definitely in the forefront then, but I want to see which ones.

I'd gotten A Kiss at Midnight from Loose Id yesterday.  I read Jules Jones' story in it, "First Footer."  It was a lovely "cat people from outer space" story.  Not too dry, and quite good science fiction along with a rather sweet romance.  Jules is perhaps the best science fiction romance writer I've read.  Her world-building is excellent.  There are some modern-day BDSM toys included in the futuristic BDSM science fiction romances, but J.L. Langley does that too.

Jules' is one of the few LiveJournals I read practically every day.  No expectations for me to react to it publicly, and it's interesting.  Sometimes she'll have things about the weather, or be thrilled about cross-stitch, and I know nothing about cross-stitch.  I'm particularly interested in her book log entries.  She makes entries in general fairly regularly.  I wish time and health allowed for her to write romance lately, but the day job seems to be keeping her very busy.

I'm a little bummed out about not having read Bad Moon Rising and No Mercy, but I haven't especially been into the threat of demons in the last few Dark-Hunter books I've read.  I skipped the books where she rehabilitated the characters who were previously villains to the Dark-Hunters.  I didn't feel they could be rehabilitated enough for me, after what they'd done.  Maybe that was from reading Acheron.  Acheron's own pet demons are very annoying, and I didn't like having a human ally from early on die and then be resurrected as a villain.

I read A Man Like Mac by Fay Robinson last night.  I wasn't terribly thrilled by Keely, but I really liked Mac.  He had quite a personality.  I still have Prince Joe, Forever Blue and Frisco's Kid, all by Suzanne Brockmann, to read.  They're not a part of her Troubleshooters/Seal Team Sixteen series.  This series is called Tall, Dark and Dangerous.  I have a few Troubleshooters books to read, but book fourteen or fifteen or so had a part written from a serial killer's viewpoint very early on, and I really don't like fiction written from the perspective of a serial killer.  Seriously, I even avoid category romance suspense novels because I don't want to read about the protagonists' lives being threatened by stalkers or murderers or such.  Paranormal romance with the characters' lives in danger doesn't usually bother me.

At least I got out of the house today.  I'm not particularly proud I cheered myself up by shopping.  At least the books I got were inexpensive, and I've been wanting to get more Jasmine Pearl tea for months.  I've done a fair amount of e-book shopping the last few days, but only spent a bit here and a bit there.  Victor Banis' Deadly Dreams is the free book from MLR this week, and I'll post about that to the m/m romance readers on AfterElton and write to S. about it.

I copy edited an article and went through my line editing job for the week for the first time.  I'll turn it in tomorrow or Friday, but I'll try for Thursday.  I just got it today, but it wasn't difficult to read.  That's all so far, going to the library, renewing some books, editing, and shopping.

Later: I finished A Kiss at Midnight.  The other stories were "Burning Man" by Ally Blue and "Wildest Dreams" by Emily Veinglory.  Ally's story was rather spooky, as her books apparently often are.  I haven't gotten into the spooky ones.  She's said herself that she gives her characters plenty of angst.  I don't think I'd read anything by Emily Veinglory.  Hers was a paranormal with shapeshifters, rather an action-adventure sort of story.

I read Jules' Promises to Keep, which is a short story, last night.  I read Fundamentals, a Tommy and Dr. Tanaka story, and Back and Forward, both by Syd McGinley, last night as well.  I got Someplace in This World and Taste Test: Shot Through the Heart yesterday.  I read a few stories from the Someplace in This World anthology.

(Added later: The mistflower is in bloom in the front yard, the blue-flowered one that's in among 'Mme. Zoetmans'.  I picked a couple of flowers from the mystery pink rose.  They were opening up, with the sepals down, but not near fully open.)
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